About Haulin' Oats

This is a game about truck driving, the US highways, and oatmeal. You play as a truck driver for the Starkham Oatmeal company, making deliveries of delicious oats, with your trusty co-pilot and pet. The game will release on Linux and Windows with both a single-player mode (with bots) or online multiplayer.

Arranged as a digital board game, you will encounter a wide variety of characters and obstacles ranging from drug cartels, bike gangs, random maniacs, pop stars, police, serial killers, and the few folk that aren't completely crazy. Collect your wage every time you complete a deliver and use it to buy spare parts for your truck, the favor of lot lizards, or sometimes bribe your way out of trouble.

Who's Driving?

When you start a game, each player will get to choose one of five different drivers. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses, like bonuses to truck ramming checks or penalties to dealing with the law. Mix and match the different drivers with co-pilots and pets to get the upper hand against your opponents.

You can take a co-pilot with you. Just like the drivers, each co-pilot has different benefits and disadvantages. If you get a bad Incident card draw, you might just accidentally leave 'em at a truck stop somewhere for an opponent to scoop up. If none suit your play style, you can choose to play without one if you want.

Let us not forget your faithful pets! Yep, just like drivers and co-pilots, they too have their ups and downs. Much like co-pilots, they can be accidentally left places due to an Incident card draw and be taken by an opponent. And, like co-pilots, you can choose not to take one along.

Old friends from our previous games make an appearance as well. One cannot go through Starkham without seeing familiar faces like Bill Finnigan or Aloysius. They sometimes found in Encounter or Event decks. Depending on who you find, they may have a mission for you or an item to barter.

There are a lot of other characters as well. Scattered throughout the Incident, Event, and Encounter decks various characters await you, either to rob you blind or give you mini-quests to complete. Heck, some might just need something as simple as a ride down the highway a bit or a wee bit of your money.

Cargo Features

A quick and dirty list of features either implemented so far or on our list of things to do:

  • Music by Azucar (One Way To Die, Raise Your Own Clone)
  • All hand-drawn art
  • A variety of side missions to make extra cash or end your trip quick
  • 5 different drivers, co-pilots, and pets
  • 100 different cards per Encounter, Incident, and Event decks
  • Play with others in online or LAN multiplayer
  • The usual breakdown of statistics and leaderboards to compare against others
  • Achievements (duh)

More To Come

The game is still in early development and things are being changed up fairly often. Due to the core mechanics changing since it is now a digital board game, we are going back through the needed art and overhauling the systems.

We will, of course, keep sharing more information, images, and video as we continue towards a working beta! Come back soon or keep an eye on our posts!

Haulin' News

Haulin’ Oats - Turn Order

This week showing off the current WIP turn order interface.  This happens at the beginning of each game to sort out who goes first.  It will move the play list around based on their 1d20 turn rolls.  The video also shows the new turn indicator in the HUD.  Nothing too fancy just yet!

More to come soon!

#coaguco#haulin#games#itch.io#godotengine#linux#windowsSat, 09 Mar 2019 21:56:23

Haulin’ Oats - Dice Stuff

Yep, another progress update video for Haulin’ Oats.  This time around the camera following players has been implemented and the dice cup is working.  Now you can see who gets what rolls and what modifiers.  The video also shows more of the board squares.

#coaguco#haulin#oatmeal#board games#itch.ioSat, 02 Mar 2019 18:32:00

Haulin’ Oats - Pre-Alpha Video 1

Here is some pre-alpha footage of Haulin’ Oats.  Granted all of this is subject to change but gives you an idea of where we are right now!  Hope to have a playable alpha out to some folks this month.

More coming soon!

#coaguco#haulin#games#itch.io#windows#linux#oatmealFri, 08 Feb 2019 13:57:55

Haulin' Statistics

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Haulin' Leaderboards

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Haulin' Change Log

This is the official change log for Haulin' Oats.

However, this is currently no build history. Please check back later!